We are a contractor, licensed in California and Nevada, bonded and insured, specializing in installing Special Architectural Finishes to Concrete Floors for commercial, industrial and residential projects.

We do not pour or place new concrete. We apply architectural finishes to existing concrete floors. We specialize in the following concrete floor finishes:

Diamond Polished Concrete Floors

Relatively new process to chemically harden concrete surface, hone and polish the concrete surface with specialized heavy floor grinders fitted with diamond abrasives, thus mechanically sealing the concrete surface.

• Zero VOCs
• No topical sealers are used, so there is nothing to bubble, turn white, flake off, wear off, turn yellow, or to reseal
• No waxing maintenance is required, ever
• Known as “Green,” Sustainable, or High Performance Floors

Traditional Chemically Stained and Sealed Concrete Floors

Traditional Acid Stained floors commonly found in Trader Joe’s Markets, Raley Markets.

Architectural Cement Overlays

Thin cement overlayments engineered to refurbish existing concrete slabs and enhance aesthetic appeal of concrete surface.

Three Types of Overlay:

• Trowel Down cement overlay at 1/8 inch, both interior and exterior, typically stained and sealed
• Self Leveling cement overlay installed at 1/4 inch, typically integrally colored, and sealed
• 1/4 inch stamped overlay, both interior and exterior


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