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Pacific Decorative Concrete, Inc. is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. We are committed to helping project teams build “Green” buildings, get recognition from the U.S. Building Council and receive energy and tax savings that come with Green building design.

Diamond Polished Concrete Floors are a component of a Sustainable, “Green,” or sometimes called High Performance Building Design!

What does it mean to say that Diamond Polished Floors are “Green” or “Sustainable?” The answer is that Diamond Polished Concrete Floors add to a building’s ability to achieve the following objectives:

1. Reduce Long Term Energy Costs of the Building.

2. Improve Indoor Environment Quality.

3. Reduce impact on the earth’s resources.

Diamond Polished Concrete contributes to a building’s ability to achieve these objectives for the following reasons:

1. Improves thermal energy mass of the building, reducing energy costs.

2. Potential for reuse of existing Building Materials.

3. Concrete includes post consumer and post industrial recycled materials.

Diamond Polished floors use zero Volatile Organic Compounds, and have almost no adverse impact on the environment.

Diamond Polishing can contribute at least five (5) points toward LEED-NC certification, a certification process of the US Green Building Council - the benchmark rating system for Sustainable Building. Buildings require 26 total points for LEED-NC (New Construction) certification.

We have provided an industry white paper that explains exactly how a building team can apply for LEED points when Diamond Polished Floor Finishes are installed.

View or Download White Paper on Polished Concrete and Sustainable Building LEED points.

View or Download Press Release on Polished Concrete and Sustainable Building LEED points.


Green Building

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