Benefits of Diamond Polished Concrete

Functional Benefits for Diamond Polished Floors

1. Floors are hardened, sealed and dust proofed (warranteed for 10 years.)
2. No topical chemical membrane sealers are used, thus there is no sealer to turn white, yellow, peel, flake, wear off or need recoating, ever.
3. 40% more abrasion resistant versus steel troweled concrete (ASTM C779).
4. 20% more impact resistant than steel trowel concrete (ASTM C805).
5. 30% increase in ambient light reflection over steel troweled concrete (ASTM D523).
6. Exceeds OSHA and ADA Guidelines for safe floors (ASTM C1028).
7. Densified and polished floor resists tire marks.
8. With or without use of color dyes, polished concrete adds significant architectural interest and appeal to concrete floors.
9. There is no sealer or wax maintenance of any kind, ever. Maintenance consists of cleaning the floor with a neutral cleaner on a regular basis.

Ecological Benefits for Diamond Polished Floors

1. Diamond Polished Concrete Floors are the greenest most sustainable floors there are. The structural concrete substrate is refined and polished, eliminating the need for a secondary floor covering. Absolutely no materials, such as carpet, vinyl, or wood are harvested from the environment, transported to the job site, or destined to end up in a land fill in 5 years.
2. No membrane sealers are used. No epoxies, urethanes, waxes, or any topical coating is used.
3. Diamond Polished Floors have zero VOCs, Volatile Organic Compounds.
4. Natural ambient light is increased 30%, leveraging natural light into the space and eliminating electrical lighting 30%.
5. Leverages concrete positive thermal mass properties for natural heating and cooling.
6. Polished concrete can contribute to up to 6 LEED points for building designers, and are part of Platnium and Gold LEED rated projects.

Economical Benefits for Diamond Polished Floors

1. Lower initial installation costs of most other floorings.
2. The lowest lifecycle cost of any flooring, when maintenance costs.
3. Lower maintenance costs than most floors, as the only maintenance is regular cleaning with a neutral cleaner.


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Benefits of Diamond Polished Concrete

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