Is acid stained concrete slip resistant?

There are a large variety of techniques used to create a slip resistant surface. Please discuss these with your contractor.

Will the color fade?

The pigments used are inorganic metal oxides, which are extremely UV and chemical resistant. A maximum of 5% shading variation may occur over a period of 5 years, but this is barely detectable to the human eye. We recommend that a quality UV protect sealer be applied.

What are the advantages of acid stained concrete versus bricks, stones, or tiles?

Acid stain concrete can be reinforced to serve any structural need or purpose. Acid stain concrete is a more versatile option that offers multiple colors, patterns and textures to compliment the existing structure. It is a lower cost, lower maintenance product and as concrete is the base, weeds will not appear and undulation will not occur.

How often do I need to reseal?

Re-sealing is usually recommended 12 months after the initial application of sealer on top of the acid stained concrete texture finish.


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